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Boost Your Brain: The New Art & Science Behind Enhanced Brain Performance

By Majid Fotuhi, M.D., Ph.D.

Author of The Memory Cure and host of the PBS series, Fight Alzheimer’s Early

In Boost Your Brain, internationally recognized neurologist and neuroscientist Dr. Majid Fotuhi presents his medical manifesto for improving your memory and brain performance for life. He lays out an action plan for individuals middle aged and older who want to take charge of their cognitive health to improve their mental acuity now and in future years.

Boost Your Brain is medical research in action, the first comprehensive clinical roadmap to emerge from recent advances in neuroscience. Dr. Fotuhi presents firm evidence that your cognitive health is not predetermined, but in large part, up to you. He shows how you can reset your brain’s clock to a younger chronological age through his tested, proven program to grow-fluid brain size and resilience.

The Founder and Chief Medical Officer of NeurExpand Brain Center, and host of the PBS series Fight Alzheimer’s Early, Dr. Fotuhi offers actionable, authoritative advice proven to measurably improve memory, concentration, and processing speed.

  • How common health problems impair brain function and reduce brain size – such as hearing loss, insomnia, urinary frequency, even gum disease and snoring.
  • How stress and depression can shrink your brain – and ways to reverse the damage.
  • The latest scientific data on the most important foods and the crucial role that flavonoids play to increase blood flow to the brain.
  • Why BDNF (Brain-derived neurotrophic factor), a critical protein created by neurons, is even more important than we thought – a type of fertilizer for the brain.

Boost Your Brain gives you a practical three-month plan to optimize your brain performance – 12 weeks that may change the course of your life.